About me


I would say that I have always been an artist.  As a young child I loved artwork, especially the very realistic works.  As an adult I obsess over what to do next.  It is such an exciting journey! I have SO many great images in my head!  If only there were a few hundred hours in the day to complete them all.



I typically work in acrylic paint on canvas.  I do many, many thin layers of paint to achieve the desired look.  On average my paintings take 20 to 60 hours to complete, but it is enjoyable "work" and I often lose track of the time.  



I think that great artwork is one which inspires emotion.  I love to see people's reactions to my work!  I am so happy to be able to share my passion with those around me, and am grateful to all the wonderful artist past and present that shape my world.

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